Tuesday, August 14, 2012

packing for holidays!

As I'm going away for a few days I have been packing some clothes. 

This is everything I have in my bag... (plus underwear, accessories and shoes) :

I dont like to bring a lot of clothes when I'm travelling, so I usualy prepare a few outfits and them i just add  some t-shirts and one pair of jeans in case I fell like using something more casual.

These are three of the outfits I prepared for this holliday.

1.         2.  

Outfit number 1 - This one is a ore formal outfit, I usualy wear it for a night out. I pared up a striped tube skirt form H&M with a  basic black top. 

Outfit number 2 - For this outfit I used a pijama top as a "street" top (it was so cute to be just a pijama top, dont you agree?) and for the bottom I chosed a green short to match the green on the top pattern.


Outfit number 3 - This is one of my favorite outfits of this summer. I use it in a more fresh day or at night as it has trousers instead of shorts or skirts. I combined a flower patterned trousers with a basic mint blouse as the pattern has this color on it.


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